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Filemail Pro

Our entry level account. Lets you send files and keep track of all transfers.

Filemail Pro is our entry level account. It offers a simple and secure way of sending large files. By having your own account you can keep better track of transfers and also use all our Apps and Addins.

The typical Filemail Pro user is a single person (small company) that occasionally sends large files at work - e.g. photographers, engineers, marketing staff, audio/video studios.

The Pro account is a cost effective and safe place to start. You can upgrade to Filemail Business at any time.

No speed limits, no file limits

With the Pro account there are no restrictions on how large files you can send. The only limit is the number of days your files are stored - which is 30 days.

We’ll also make sure you get blazing fast transfer speeds. We have dedicated fileservers in all regions of the world that are reserved for Pro customers.

The transfer acceleration technology built into Filemail Desktop will increase transfer speeds up to 20 times when compared to using a web browser.

Keep track of transfers, people and downloads

Easily keep track (audit trails) of sent and received files. We’ll track which of your recipients have downloaded the files you sent - and we’ll also give you the approximate location where the files were downloaded.

We can notify you by email when files are downloaded and we’ll remind your recipients to download files in case they forget.

Additional password protection and HTTPS

Transfers sent with the Pro account can be password protected for additional security. This means that your recipients need to specify a password in order to download files.

Also - all files are sent using HTTPS (TLS 1.3) when using the Pro account. This ensures that you can use Filemail to send sensitive data without risking it getting into the wrong hands.

Contacts and Groups

Having your own address book makes sending even easier.

Many customers choose to organize email addresses into groups and send files to the groups. The contacts are synced across all our Apps (Desktop, iOS, Android).

Email addresses can be easily imported from Outlook, Mail (macOS), Gmail and other providers.

Access to all our Apps and Addins
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    Filemail Desktop

    Wysyłaj pliki i foldery bezpośrednio z pulpitu lub zintegruj Filemail z innymi aplikacjami. Windows, Mac, Linux i Unix!

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    Filemail Outlook Addin

    Nasz dodatek pozwala wysyłać duże pliki bezpośrednio z Outlooka. Jest szybki, bezpieczny i łatwy w użyciu. Działa z programami Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016.

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    Filemail iPhone/iPad App

    Wysylaj duze pliki oraz filmy prosto ze swojego iPada lub iPhone'a!
    Nie musisz sie rejestrowac.

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    Filemail Android App

    Email large files and videos directly from your Android device! No registration required!

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    Uploader zintegrowany z Twoją stroną

    Konto Biznes pozwala Ci dodać do e-maili swój własny nagłówek i kolor tła. Wszystkie wiadomości będą brandowane automatycznie.

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    Branding oraz e-maile

    Konto Biznes pozwala Ci dodać do e-maili swój własny nagłówek i kolor tła. Wszystkie wiadomości będą brandowane automatycznie.

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    Filemail API

    Jesteś developerem? Skorzystaj z API wysyłając duże pliki!

Sign up for Filemail Pro

Do you want to try out Pro account? Sign up for a 7 day free trial and give it a spin!

Got any questions? Contact us!

PS - If you need to receive files from others or need a whitelabel solution which you can integrate into your own webpage - then Filemail Business is what you're looking for.

$ 99/R

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